Ideas to decorate your living room this Christmas

Ideas to decorate your living room this Christmas
We are going to give you some keys to decorate your living room this Christmas. There is life beyond the tree. You want to know more?
Ideas to decorate your living room this Christmas

One of the most endearing times of the year is approaching. With a little imagination, you can do a lot of beautiful things. On this occasion, we bring you some great ideas to decorate your living room this Christmas. and also don’t forget to check 4 simple technique for more than 100+ ideas

Beyond the typical tree and the crowns, there are a lot of proposals with which you will create precious corners and decorations to give your home a very special Christmas twist .

Decorate your living room this Christmas

Ideas to decorate your living room this Christmas


Sure you have the tree ready, but beyond the traditional figurines, you may want to give your living room a new look. Look at these very cool proposals so that you shine like never during these parties.

A room that is decorated

If you have already put the tree in the living room, it means that you love parties. However, even if he is the protagonist, he is not the only one who can give a festive touch to your home.

There are tons of details that you can transform to open the door wide for Santa Claus. For example, how about changing the cushion covers for more festive ones? These from Westing are beautiful, in ecru color and with golden stars.

Decorate your living room this Christmas with aromas

The sense of smell is capable of awakening memories. It is one of the most powerful senses and hence it connects with the feeling of pleasure in the blink of an eye.

Make your home smell like Christmas. How? You can bake cookies and biscuits on the weekends, light the fireplace if you have one, or place vases with winter scents – eucalyptus is beautiful and smells great.

Gifts are also part of the decoration

Gifts are a part of Christmas , although they are usually only put around the tree, right? Well, maybe it is time for them to occupy the entire room and become part of the decoration.

They can go in the classic socks, inside baskets, poking out of drawers, or under the coffee table. Wrap them in precious papers that go according to the season and the decoration of the environment. Also, there is the furoshiki , the technique used by the Japanese and where cloth replaces paper. 

Ideas to decorate your living room this Christmas


Decorate your living room this Christmas with garlands

If garlands conquer, in this age they seem fascinating. You can make one yourself with pine branches, for example, and alternate some led lights to make it stand out even more.

Where to put it? If you have a fireplace, it is clear: about it. If you don’t have it, place it on the entrance door to the living room, around the frame and hang some golden decorative element: reindeer, stars, etc.

The magic of crowns

You can create beautiful DIY Christmas decorations and a wreath is never missing between them. They look great in the entrances of houses, but… how about making lots of little ones for your chairs?

With gold wire and sprigs of eucalyptus or dried flowers, you can make very beautiful ones. But if you see that crafts are not your thing, you can always take a look at decoration stores.

We suggest that you hang them from the back of the chairs ; However, the imagination has no limits, so you can also suspend them from the shelf or on the tree. It’s up to you.

Decorate your living room this Christmas in a subtle way

If lush and colorful trees are not your thing, and red seems not very decorative, you can give a festive touch to your living room by being inspired by what the Nordics do.

Use white as the main element, add some garland, cushions, a hair rug, candles … With subtle details you can also open the door to Christmas. Look at these porcelain houses from Zara Home.

Decorating your living room this Christmas and making it shine is easier than you imagine. You just have to add some details for the five senses to enjoy.

The warmth, the colors and the soft textures will make love reign and live a home party full of moments to remember.

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