5 types of furniture to save space

5 types of furniture to save space

By performing a self-criticism process, by taking a look around us, we can see that if we applied another distribution, we would probably be more drowned. Therefore, we are going to know 5 types of furniture to save space.

It is good for all of us to reorganize the interiors to enjoy the decoration more . Generally, we put aside aspects like this without taking into account that, after all, they have a decisive influence on our well-being.

Depending on how we have a home, this is how we will feel. There can be a situation in which we are not comfortable and we perceive that environmental tension that, deep down, does not benefit us at all. You have to change and look for alternatives.

1. Closet as a locker

On occasion, we have come across the typical lockers found in gym locker rooms. For the home, these types of resources do not fit properly, but there may be variants that have some viability.

Narrow and tall cabinets are a good option for bedrooms where we need a piece of furniture that is functional, practical and simple . They can be placed anywhere and even look great in corners and fit into tight spaces like the bathroom.

Obviously, they don’t have as much internal space as other cabinets; however, they are a good option for rooms where we need to store junk, clothes or any other item to get order .

The idea is that we gain in practicality.

2. The multifunctional table


For the living room, there is also furniture to save space. In this case, we look for solutions that are effective and that are not complicated to use. For this reason, we are going to know what are the qualities of the multifunctional table.

  • Apparently, it has the typical shape of the center tables in a living room . It is made up of 4 legs and consists of a board to support things. In this sense, we do not find aesthetic variations, so it is very easy to relate to other furniture.
  • The particularity lies in the internal space it has and which can be accessed by lifting the board. In this way, we can keep magazines and other objects inside without being visible to the outside.

3. Ingenious tables that magically appear

Continuing with the tables, we have one of the most recurrent types in the kitchen . It is a type of table that can be moved from inside a piece of furniture or the countertop and hidden again if we see it necessary.

In this way, we can make use of it whenever we want. You just have to remove it, use it and put it back. In addition, it is not seen from the outside, so it does not generate any visual effect, but what we do feel is that it appears suddenly by magic.

This type of furniture is very helpful.

4. Floating shelves, a way to take advantage of space

Floating shelves


Who said that the shelves are only placed on the floor? There is another variant that can be very interesting. Floating shelves are in the space-saving furniture category.

This is basically because they remain in the air, as if they were floating. They can be fixed to the wall or hung from the ceiling with ropes . In addition, there are adaptable ones for the corners, in order to make the most of the shape of the house itself.

As a general rule, they have a straight format , forming angles of 90º; However, we have other possibilities such as, for example, those with curved shapes or with dynamic designs like tree branches.

5. The couch is no longer so common

As society is currently, the furniture that is commonly in homes is one that has a utility. On the other hand, everything that is used casually or that serves solely for aesthetic purposes is losing steam and is no longer in demand.

One case in particular is the couches. They can serve as a bed or a seat and have a modular category ; However, it has a very interesting secret: lower drawers to store all kinds of gadgets.

There are also them with the possibility of finding a wide space under the mattress or foam and where to insert all kinds of things. In short, another resource that can be very interesting if we know how to take advantage of it.

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